Monkey Birthday Party

Its time for your babies first birthday party…

What is your theme going to be and how are you going to decorate for his First year?

That is always a hard question for a one year old. Right moms? He/She can barely talk, they barely know what they like, so how can you?

Keep it simple!

And, Simple is always cheap(added bonus).

Do something like…a color scheme, a storybook theme, a Prince/Princess theme, or an animal theme. So many more choices are possible for your beautiful one year old.

Today I am going to show you how to create a MONKEY theme birthday party. YAY!

I actually did this for my son’s first birthday party and it was surprisingly cheap. However, I already had most of my supplies at home. I am sure you crafty mommies do to.

The first thing I did was set my date and time, and then chose my theme, which the design theme is…MONKEYS.

Make sure you set your date and send out invitations a month before the big day.  On your invitations specify what your baby needs and if your providing dinner or just dessert and games. I always make sure there is at least one game at every event. It helps the party go off with a bang!

Now it is time to get creative.

First, I started with his BANNER.


As pictured above, I went cheap but cute!

Supply List:

  • Ribbon, I used brown but you can choose your own colors. Mine cost .62 cents for a small roll.
  • Construction Paper (Brown and Yellow) for a pack of 50 sheets each color was like $1.69
  • Monkey Stickers (Wal-Mart $1.00)
  • Black Sharpie (Any color you choose is fine too)
  • Hole Puncher
  • Elmer’s Glue

So your first step is going to be cutting out your circles, you want two different sizes… the back should be a little bigger then the front. After you choose the size of your circles cut them all out. Then glue your smaller circle onto the larger circle. Once that has dried draw out your letters any way you want them. I stuck with the simple box like lettering. Next get out your stickers and hang your monkeys from the letters. The package i choose had bananas in it too, I added them around randomly. After you have all your circles designed, place a hole with your hole puncher on each side of the circle evenly, then string your ribbon though the back of each circle until you have your banner spelled out properly. It took me about 30 minutes to complete and only cost around $4.00.

Next, I chose the rest of my decorations. I went to the party section in my local Wal-Mart and got….

  • streamer (yellow, brown, green) ($1.00 each totaling $3.00)
  • Brown tissue paper ($1.00 per package, I purchased 2 packages totaling $2.00)
  • Brown yarn $2.88 small roll
  • Tissue paper pom poms (roughly $3.00)
  • monkeys in a barrel (the game out of the game section of Wal-Mart) ($8.89)
  • balloons (.72 cents pk.10, I purchased yellow, brown and green totaling around $3.00)
  • Roll of brown packing paper (office supplies in Wal-Mart) (this was around $4.00 a roll and I did not even use half of the roll.)
  • green construction paper (roughly $1.69 a package and I only used one)
  • thumb tacks (office supplies $3.00 for a box of 100 count)
  • 3 sock monkeys ($1.00 each totaling $3.00)
  • yellow and green table clothes ( 2 for $1.00)

Your total will be roughly $37 and adding the total for your banner, you have spent around $43.00. Not bad for cheap decorations for your child’s First Birthday Party.

Now it is time to jump on the computer!

Go to Google images search engine and look up Monkey faces. Choose your desired layout and print them. I printed off three monkey faces.

I bet your wondering what your going to do with these faces…huh…well I’m going to tell you.

Monkey pom poms…


Cute huh… These were my table decorations. I made the pom poms and just taped the faces to them… the middle is two pom poms taped together to make it taller in the center. If you do not know how to make pom poms you can go to-

The link will provide you with a step by step tutorial.

Okay ladies your next task is to make the jungle vines.

So your back to the computer.

You need to go to Google Images Search engine again and look up Jungle Leaves. Put your green construction paper in your printer and print 20 of your chosen design. Next cut your leaves out. This was time consuming, it took me about 3 hours to cut them all out.

20151115_160617(One corner of the kitchen)

Okay so this is where the roll of brown packing paper comes in, that is to make your vines. My husband helped with this part, the day of the party he cut out long sheets of the paper each one was roughly 2 or 3 feet, then he rolled the paper and crinkled it to give them the vine look and taped the ends together. (clear scotch tape) After he had about 15 sections made he began piecing them together on the wall with thumb tacks. until he got the chosen design he wanted. Once the vines were up he placed scotch tape on the back of the leaves I printed and cut out randomly on the vines.

20151115_162113 Center of room


20151115_162143Sorry about it being blurry, this is the whole vine set up my husband and I did.

After the hanging decorations are complete now times to decorate the food table.

Here Is were I used the sock monkeys and the monkeys in the barrel and 2 bunches of bananas just because.


I also choose a green table cloth, blue and green cups, napkins, plates and bowls to match. I also used leaf platters for the food.


So that was my decorations. Simple but really cute for a First birthday party.

We only spent about a total of $50.00 on decorations.

To conclude the party my sister-in-law made Monkey cup cakes and a big monkey smash cake for him.

20151115_175732 20151115_175800

Not bad for her first cake design!

Stay tuned for the next party design…

Please leave any comments desired, If you have any advice on how to improve my blog, I beg you to fill me in.

Thank you so much,

Gruada Mom Signing out!


Author: Gruada Creations

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