Bachlorette Adventure Day: Decorations

Hello viewers,

This is the last day of the Bachelorette Adventure week, I am ending it with the Hotel decorations for a burlesque/ moulin rouge theme with the chosen colors of red and black.

Earlier this week I told you I would explain later why I chose red specifically.

Today I will tell you. Right now actually…

July 1, 2014 I took my reveal photos fr my third child, my mother-in-law, the Brides mother took these photos. Exactly two hours later she was saying she had pressure in the back of her head and started walking to her room and dropped in front of me, my daughter and baby cousin.

It was a scary experience, she had a brain aneurysm and was pronounced dead July 3, 2014. She did not get to see her only daughter get married.

When I took the responsibility of stepping in to help my sister-in-law with her wedding I dedicated my part to her mom. I did what I thought her mom would do. Well I wanted to present a part of her for thr bachlorette party. Red was her favorite color. She wore red lip stick bright red mind you on the daily. So the red represents her. Also, it was a thing with us to watch burlesque so I chose that theme. It was our connection to eachother. And I have to admit this journey baught me and my sister-in-law a lot closer.

So here is some shots of the decorations.

So I baught red table cloths, red, clear and black plastic diamonds and jewls. Spreadin them on the table, lip confetti over the table as well. A round mirror, up cycled 2 wine glasses with red glitter, and 6 wine glasses with red glitter using them as candle holders wit red candles. I placed these on the mirror. Then I placed roses in the wine bottle as a vase. Then placed a red boa on the back side of the table. On this table there was also the wine glasses I made the girls holding a penis straw, penis sucker, a pen and red and black beaded necklaces. The penis shot glasses and speakers for the music. Can’t have a party without music.

Next table: Games and Prizes

This table had a red table cloth, with a black lace drape over it. I scattered the diamonds, jewels, and confetti on it as well, with a white boa. This one had a red glittered wine bottle vase with roses and pearls draping it. And two red candles.

I then dropped lingure in the bathroom door way and black and red streamers around the room. Also a banner with black and red lanterns.

Simple decorations and decently priced.

Next is the snack bar:

Of course a red table cloth, and I mixed the colors of the plates, napkins, cups and utensils red and black. Each serving bowl and and tray was red, black and clear as well.

In the corner of the bar I placed a heart college of the Bride-to-Be and her bridal party.

Snack bar menu:

  • Cool ranch derives
  • Sweet and spicy derives
  • Original ruffle chips and french onion dip
  • Turkey and ham pickle wraps
  • Oreo truffles
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Penis cake

Well, that’s it everyone.

I hope you enjoyed the bachlorette adventure week.

~Gruada Mom~


Author: Gruada Creations

Hello We are the Gruada Sisters, we love to create new and exciting things. I (Gruada Mom) love taking pride in my new creations like a fairy garden I did with my daughter or a race track I built with my boys. I (Gruada Sister) love creating new things with them as well, I do not have children of my own so I spoil and create with my niece and nephew. We have two lives but one love... a love to create, learn and teach. The children are our inspiration to live happily and freely. Follow Gruada Creations on our new journey of creating fun and wild crafts, DIY Projects, toddler learning & daycare advice, interior and exterior design, Gardening, Fitness & Health and Travel. Never have fear of being different and standing out! Take it one day at a time and create art freely. Join our email list to receive monthly newsletters and all our most recent blog posts.

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