Tips for Parents with Multiple Toddlers

I am a mother of 3 very energetic toddlers who only run off of go…

I have a 4 year old daughter, 3 year old son and a 2 year old son. I’m not joking!

Life is much easier when you teach them all at once and there is less fighting when they all are invovled. So if one goes to bed at 8 p.m then they all do. If one has to sit at the table for breakfast then they all do. Things go a lot smoother. So here are 5 tips I have learned along the way and I apply them to all three of my babies. They all get the same treatment.

  1. Stay consistent- toddlers need reminding constantly because their brains are still growing and learning new and exciting things all the time. They also don’t have the ability to remember details and they don’t understand right from wrong just yet. So be consistent reminding them daily.
  2. Chores- you can start giving them chores at 3 and 4. Only little things like picking up their room, picking up laundry, rinsing dishes, picking up trash. It gives them a sense of responsibility and self-respect. They also listen better. Gridgit offers 6 free printables. Check it out.
  3. Build structure for them- give them a daily routine to stick to. For instance when they wake up have them make their bed, get dressed and go sit at the table for breakfast and brush their teeth after and so on.
  4. Oberve your child- watch your child’s Learning techniques, and teach them using those learning techniques. For instance if your child learns how to put the blocks in the correct holes by listening to you then their learning technique is Auditory. If they learn by watching you do it then they repeat it themselves then their learning technique is hands-on. It helps speed up their learning process. You can learn about learning styles from Kara Carrero at:
  5. Tantrums- if your toddlers throw a fit because you had to cancel craft time or going to the park. Let them throw the fit and when they are done sooth them by telling them it’s okay or it happens. Sometimes calm and loving words is all it takes and a nice hug from mommy.

Your know your children best, you learn from them and they learn from you. Even in a larger house hold. One on one time is difficult when you have multiple children under one roof but it’s not impossible mommy. So get to work and lock it down. You got this.


Author: Gruada Creations

Hello We are the Gruada Sisters, we love to create new and exciting things. I (Gruada Mom) love taking pride in my new creations like a fairy garden I did with my daughter or a race track I built with my boys. I (Gruada Sister) love creating new things with them as well, I do not have children of my own so I spoil and create with my niece and nephew. We have two lives but one love... a love to create, learn and teach. The children are our inspiration to live happily and freely. Follow Gruada Creations on our new journey of creating fun and wild crafts, DIY Projects, toddler learning & daycare advice, interior and exterior design, Gardening, Fitness & Health and Travel. Never have fear of being different and standing out! Take it one day at a time and create art freely. Join our email list to receive monthly newsletters and all our most recent blog posts.

2 thoughts on “Tips for Parents with Multiple Toddlers”

  1. My house flows so much better now since I changed the way I run the house hold. Now that I give the kids the exact same routine and expectations there is less arguing and less tantrums. And since I started chores even for my 2 year old they listen so much better.


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