Pure Essential Oils Facts & Benefits

Hey friends,

Gruada Mom here.

Today, I wanna discuss essential oils. I love them. Mostly for aroma, but some are great topically. I don’t at all like using them internally, I tried it once and it tastes horrible. Anyway, they are amazing otherwise.

And if you are going to use them be sure you do it correctly.

Pure and true Essential oils are very powerful extracts, they aren’t actually oils. In fact essential oils are all natural compounds that are found in a plants root, petal, rind, leaf, or bark. When pressed together extracts a liquid and thus you have Essential oil.

Now, understand that essential oils are NOT FDA approved but have been tested and proven to work by scientists. People have studied for an eternity, seriously the first to use them were Egyptians way back in 3500 BC.

Your more than welcome to do the research… in fact I hope you do. They not only help you relax and rejuvenate but they soothe a cough and help reduce menstrual cramps and kick the food craving and help the babies sleep. Lavender is a home favorite. Second is peppermint, frankensense, sandalwood, lemon.

The list goes on, however the respiratory blend and lavender are amazing. My middle child (son) is 3 and has asthma, and low blood circulation. He gets weezy ans breathes real heavy when he sleeps and when he plays, the vapor and lavender mix help him sleep better. 17668716_1214563965278625_342384118_o

All it takes is 2-3 drops in the cool mister and the atmosphere has already improved. Scientists say they are about 60% more powerful then herbs. They can enter the blood stream in less than 30 seconds and start affecting the body and mind within 15 to 20 minutes. Essential oils contain different properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-viral.

Also, they help fight against bacteria and viruses. These oils can be used aromatically, topically and internally. Lastly, they have a long shelf life. I’m talking from 2, 5, to even 10 years. It all depends on the oil, a citrus oils will separate and break down after about 2 years but lavender can last up to 10 years in a cool place. 18012671_1232243870177301_168791366_o

When using them be sure you follow the guidelines… what’s that you ask? Well, he is a very detailed chart for you. It’s free to download and is very informative. When using topically be sure to mix with a carrier oil.

What’s a carrier oil? Well, fractionated coconut oil or sweet almond oil. Also, jojoba oil and Melaluca oil are all carrier oils. When taking internally be sure you use a clean glass, not a plastic cup but a glass. You can add it to your tea, water, or even your coffee if you’d like.

Now, I bet your asking yourself why? Why essential oils? What do they do?

Well I will tell you,

Essential Oil Benefit list:

  1. Headache and migraine relief
  2. Respiratory problems such as caugh and heavy breathing.
  3. Heals cuts, scrapes, and scratches.
  4. Heals bug bites
  5. Soothes burns and poison rashes such as poison ivy or oak.
  6. Treats head lice
  7. Reduces fever
  8. Calms nerves
  9. Relaxes muscles
  10. Improves digestion
  11. Promotes weight loss
  12. Soothes sunburns
  13. Produces energy
  14. Increases circulation
  15. Curbs hunger
  16. Fights cold and flu
  17. Allergy relief
  18. Boost immune system
  19. Fights acne
  20. Helps you sleep

I could keep going but I think I’ll stop there. I’m sure you get the point, they are very effective and smell wonderful. You can use them for so many different purposes. The best part is you can experiment and make your own blends. Which we will discuss later. Keep a look out for that post. 

So, before I wrap this up for the night some advice when shopping for oils is to do your research and only buy name brand like doterra, young living, Aura Cacia, Plant Therapy and my favorite Melaluca Pure Essential Oils. 

I encourage you to shop around and experiment, I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

For Melaluca Overview click here.

Melaluca Pure Essential Oils Visit our site here

♡♡~Gruada Mom~♡♡ 


Author: Gruada Creations

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4 thoughts on “Pure Essential Oils Facts & Benefits”

    1. Absolutely, I will have free Essential oil lists for download soon. Different blends for diffusers, roller bottles, and candles. I will also shortly have a list of ways to use essential oils. And lastly will have a shop opening soon. Thanks for visiting.


  1. I’ve just discovered essential oils so your post was timely and informative. I’m still learning about which ones do what but I’ve learned some more now through your post. Thanks!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond


    1. I am glad I could be of help. I love Essential Oils and Melaluca is my favorite line. I get all my products though them. I hope you check out the website. We have so much to offer. I make my own blends in roller bottles too.


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