Peace & Happiness 

Hello my friends ,

This blog post was originally supposed to be about 20 was to please your spouse but when going over this post with my husband and sharing what I came up with I somehow am excited to share where this turned out to really go. 

 In September it will be 5 years that my spouse and I have been together. The 23rd is our one year. Through this one year we have underwent huge changes in our life . our families are now joined so that means when there are issues we handle it as a whole. We are each others whole. My father was sent back to Mexico and after almost 3 years with my mother being past I felt as though I had yet again lost another parent. So when I look at this year we have been married I feel even more blessed to know we have made it. Though it hasn’t been easy . When I readed to him what I though was how to please him he responded with.”Those may all be good ideas but what pleases me is when you are yourself. ” 


He went on to explain that when I am happy and not fighting depression or what’s in my head that is when he is truly happy.  We as a WHOLE are happy. We never truly consider what we put our other half through when we are struggling. He described it as someone being there but yet a part of them was not. Everyone has a struggle but sharing what your struggle is, is what is really hard. I thought it was best to keep it in, even though we were married I though I would be unattractive sharing my hardest thoughs . But at some point the strongest people crumble. So if you are struggling here is what helped me get back to me so I could continue as a whole and still share when I could not with my spouse. Some of theses tips helped me open up and help me share with my spouse in a unspoken way. 

If you have trouble sharing this may help

  • Keep a journal and share your thoughts that you can’t seem to voice. Then share that journal with your spouse. When you write and are honest you’ll be surprised what you write and how sharing your words in a silent way can help your spouse know how to help or what’s going on in your head. 
  • Sticky notes. Very simple write your words of love or small notes and when you continue to go through out your day and you find them its a pleasant surprise. If you are the spouse watching the other struggle kind words or affectionate words can really help and comfort.
  • Small videos. When your alone take a small video and open up cry,yell whatever need be. Saving it is optional but getting that out and being honest with your self helps close that bitter or emoutinal hole. Getting it out is all key.
  • Write down your good memories of things you do with your spouse and keep them hang or put in frames the best therapy is happnies. Your own happnies. 

Find something to either do together or something for yourself . happnies starts on the inside. Only you can be happy , when you , yourself is happy. 

 I hope this help these have helped me .


Guada sister

P.s all quotes are from Pinterest 


Author: Gruada Creations

Hello We are the Gruada Sisters, we love to create new and exciting things. I (Gruada Mom) love taking pride in my new creations like a fairy garden I did with my daughter or a race track I built with my boys. I (Gruada Sister) love creating new things with them as well, I do not have children of my own so I spoil and create with my niece and nephew. We have two lives but one love... a love to create, learn and teach. The children are our inspiration to live happily and freely. Follow Gruada Creations on our new journey of creating fun and wild crafts, DIY Projects, toddler learning & daycare advice, interior and exterior design, Gardening, Fitness & Health and Travel. Never have fear of being different and standing out! Take it one day at a time and create art freely. Join our email list to receive monthly newsletters and all our most recent blog posts.

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