Top 5 Email Marketing Sites

Hey there lovelies,

Have you thought about Email Marketing before?

Email Marketing… I bet your scratching your head and wondering what that is?.?.

Well, Email Marketing is targeting customers though electronic mail, thus Email, Emails can be used to target a very large selection of people at the same time. Growing your email list the hardest step. Once you start growing your list, you then have potential sales, leads, and have expanded your audience. No matter the case email marketing defines you and your brand. It boosts traffic and sales all at the same time. You can even add a subscriber form to social media platforms such as Facebook and personal websites. Once your all set up with a list of potential clients you automate your emails and send a series of products and information for your viewers/followers. Also, as that list grows and the more stay on your list results in reoccuring sales.

Email Marketing sounds difficult but it really is not.Email-Marketing-Header-rev-072915-minus-free-consult

Each platform below has special tools, upgrades, training and tutorials to help you every step of the way. But if you can not figure something out turn to youtube because they have a ton of useful and totally helpful video tutorials.

Certain web platforms like only allow certain marketing agencies so do your research before you

When I started with email marketing I used Mailchimp, I had a lot of problems with the subscriber pop up, it didn’t always pop up on my screen when going into my website, I then triend Mailerlite and OptinMonster but I could not figure out how to intergrate them into my site which is a blog. So if anyone has information on how to do that please share because I would like to use Mailerlite or OptinMonster instead of MailChimp.

By the way, I use Mailchimp for my mommy blog which is the one your reading and I use GetResponse for my landing site.

Now the top 5 Email Marketing Sites are:email marketing.jpg

MailChimp– One of the most popular marketing sites because it is free for the first 2000 subscribers and has the cheapest rates after that. It is also the easiest platform to use and is perfect for beginners. MailChimp has a easy step by step tutorial and training.

Mailerlite– Another popular marketing site, this site also has a free plan which is free for the first 1000 subscribers. This site also offers, automation, landing pages, pop up creator and an affiliate program, you earn 30% of every sale.

OptinMonster– The #1 lead generator and email building tool out there. Their services start out as low as $9 a month for a membership, they have a ton of features and a affiliate program too. You earn 20% of every sale.

GetResponse– This platform is partnered with JVZoo and their  Affiliate program (free to join) suggest this platform. GetResponse has it all, I joined for the 30 day free trial only 3 days ago and am currently going through a training process. They have a lot to offer, landing pages, automation, webiners, and yes Email Marketing, It has everything, including training videos, classes and step by step tutorials. They too have a referral program, every friend who joins you both get a $30 credit to your account.

ConvertKit– Convert Kit is a little on the pricey side but it is completely worth it for professional bloggers specifically. They have it all! They are $29 for 1000 subscribers monthly and they offer an affiliate program, you earn 30% commission each month for every person you refer and buys a membership.

So now you a platform and you set up your account and created a Email list, sign up form, landing page…and Nothing, no subscribers. What Now.?.

Well shape up, here are some bloggers that can help with that.

Jac Bowie offers a Marketing Bootcamp, help build your online program, and allows bloggers to write for her blog. Go check her out!

Melyssa Griffin has courses and a library of free resources for online entrepreneurs. She has tips and tricks to use social media to grow your email list and a free email course too. So seriously go check her out.

You May also like these Amazon E-books:

Complete Beginners Guide to Email Marketing

Email Marketing Blue Print

Email Marketing:10 proven steps to creating a successful email list (FREE)

I hope this is useful and helps some of you out who are struggling with Email Marketing.

Let me know if you have more Email Marketing Platforms, classes, courses, e-books or really anything to do with Email Marketing.

Until next time,

~Gruada Mom~


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