How To Survive the Day When Your Completely Exhausted

Hey Lovelies,

Hope all is well on your side of the world, over here where I am is pretty exhausting. As a mother of 3 little ones, a full time college student, a Childcare provider for 4 other children, plus the daily chaos of household chores, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks for the family, the grocery shopping, paying bills and everything in between. Yea, I often feel defeated, overwhelmed, and seriously exhausted.


I had to do something, the exhaustion use to lead to a very cranky woman and just completely stressed all the time because I felt so far behind and just didn’t have the energy to do anything. I just wanted to sleep or cry…normally crying came first. But, then I decided I needed to feel energized and like myself again. But how?


For starters it is not easy to fight exhaustion and depression at the same time but it is possible. You need a plan and determination to accomplish winning the fight.

I started with seeing the Dr. She prescribed Prozac for my depression and birth control to help balance my hormones in which she said a low hormone balance and PPD help contribute to the exhaustion and of course being a mother of three little ones ages 2, 3, and 5.

Well after getting my body use to my new prescription I did notice a change, I had felt a little more energized but it just wasn’t enough. It was time to start changing some much needed lifestyle choices.

Here are the tricks that I have learned to help me get though my day even when I am exhausted and just want to stay in bed and sleep. We are moms…its not possible unless you have older children or someone to babysit. Otherwise you end up looking like your house flew to OZ and back.

I’ll stop babbling and get started now…


A little about my daily routine first…

My day starts at 6 am every morning except Saturdays & Sundays, I get my husband up for work and then get my daughter up and ready for school, the three of us are out the door by 6:45, my husband is at work by 7 am and my daughter is at school by 7:30 am. Then it is back to the house with the boys (by the way my grandfather whom I take care of stays with the boys while I am gone). The boys are still asleep when I get home, this allows me about 2 hours of silence before they wake, if it is a good day. So while they are still sleeping to help fight the exhaustion I have learned to keep a sleeping schedule and not to go back to sleep for those 2 hours waiting for the boys to wake. So instead I drink 1 cup of coffee and do some writing for an hour. Then exercise for an hour before my day really starts.

Now here’s where fighting the exhaustion really comes in…

  1. Exercise

    If you are a lazy woman like I am and do not like exercising like extreme exercising such as running, lifting weights, push ups and things like that here is a great energizing workout just for you. These two routines I do every morning, not only does it help give me a boost of energy, I am also loosing weight and toning up. I still have a long way but it is a work in progress. By the way I am talking about Yoga, it is perfect for a lazy girl.

I always start out with this routine in bed first to get me going.




2.  Eat Clean

Eating a clean and healthy diet will help energize you though the day so you don’t feel so exhausted and drained. Eating breakfast daily will help incredibly. Here are a couple resources I used to build my own diet.

23 Healthy Mason Jar meal ideas

50 Meals under 300 Calories


3. Diffuse Essential Oils

One of my favorite ways to feel energized and relaxed is Aroma Therapy. Diffusing an uplifting aroma helps boost energy and make you happy + it smells amazing. Some of my favorite oils for that boost of energy and happy feeling is Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, and Peppermint.

4. Work in spurts 

When your exhausted tackling a large task like cleaning the living room or cleaning the kitchen or maybe even for you it’s tackling the laundry. Well take it easy momma and do the work in spurts. For instance if your feeling like the living room is to much to tackle do sections at a time. For instance picking up trash, then clothes, then toys, etc. and do it in between commercials while watching your favorite TV Show resting on the couch or in between writing your next blog post. Either way slow down and do a little at a time.

5. Power Nap

I know it is hard with little ones running around like wild animals and having a to-do-list to take care of but power nap in sort spurts. Just lay on the couch and close your eyes for 15ish minutes 3 or 4 times a day. It will help you push though the day.

I know thinking of yourself is hard but when you get so exhausted your overwhelmed, running in circles and feel like your crazy it’s time to slow down and take the day one step at a time. Lets face it mommy you are impossible to please when your exhausted and your patients are shorter and no one wants to feel that way ever. So the next time you are feeling completely crapy and can’t hold your eyes open just slow down and think about your lifestyle and change it. Do a little stretching, clean eating like an orange or apple can help give you energy or a hand full of almonds and it will lift you up a little.

~Gruada Mom~


Author: Gruada Creations

Hello We are the Gruada Sisters, we love to create new and exciting things. I (Gruada Mom) love taking pride in my new creations like a fairy garden I did with my daughter or a race track I built with my boys. I (Gruada Sister) love creating new things with them as well, I do not have children of my own so I spoil and create with my niece and nephew. We have two lives but one love... a love to create, learn and teach. The children are our inspiration to live happily and freely. Follow Gruada Creations on our new journey of creating fun and wild crafts, DIY Projects, toddler learning & daycare advice, interior and exterior design, Gardening, Fitness & Health and Travel. Never have fear of being different and standing out! Take it one day at a time and create art freely. Join our email list to receive monthly newsletters and all our most recent blog posts.

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