Melaleuca Product Review – Koala Pals Hair Wash & Body Wash

Hello Lovelies,

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I have a new Melaleuca review for you, it’s another favorite of mine. The Koala Pal’s Hair wash and Body wash. These two products are for kids and it is tear-free and chemical free, both products have all natural ingredients.

Hair Wash

This special hair wash contains natural ingredients such as oats, tea-tree oil, chamomile leaf extract, vitamin E and green tea. It is gentle for their hair, conditions and shampoos and makes the kid’s hair soft, shiny and strong. My children even love it, especially the soft sweet gentle smell it gives.

Body Wash

This body wash smells amazing and leaves my kids feeling soft, smooth and smelling like angels. I seriously love this stuff and will keep ordering it. It contains tea-tree oil, chamomile, vitamin E, green tea, oats and aloe.


As a preferred customer I can order this as a set and save $4.02, it only costs $8.98 for the pack, that’s a great deal. I totally recommend these two products for your children.

We are currently Enrolling New Customers for only $1!!!

To enroll click here

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