10 Indoor/Outdoor Date Night Idea’s 

Hey Lovelies,

So, in honor of my sister & brothers 1 year wedding anniversary I thought I would share 5 indoor date night ideas and 5 outdoor date night ideas.

Also, you know that top cake from the wedding you saved and stored in the freezer?

Don’t forget about it, set it out to thaw and have for your dessert in honor of making it your first year.

Just one more side note…

Don’t do the same old boring dates you usually do. Do something fun and exciting you haven’t done. Make it special, and do it right. You made it your first year of marriage. That’s awesome considering the divorce rate is about 40 to 50 percent of the United States divorce in the first year of marriage or their first marriage in general. (APA)

So really celebrate your first year just for NOT being part of that statistic.

Okay, back to the date night ideas, here’s my round up:

Out of the house ideas

  1. Plan a weekend get away-  get a cabin near the river and have a quite and romantic weekend.
  2. Go camping/floating- celebrate in the wilderness and enjoy the river. Relax in nature for a weekend.
  3. Rewind in your honeymoon suite- Go back to the same hotel and same honeymoon suite and relive your wedding night.
  4. Go to the Zoo, Museum or Park- go explore a cities or towns historical parks and museums or explore their Zoo for a day.
  5. Gamble the night away- Go to a Casino for the night. Rent one of their rooms, dine in their expensive restaurant and play some blackjack or just stick with slots.

In the house ideas

  1. Be lazy together- lay in bed, cuddle, watch movies, snack, and order take out.
  2. Cook Dinner together- Cook a fancy meal together and have a romantic candle lit dinner.
  3. Have a party- plan a small party with your closest friends and family to celebrate your first year.
  4. Make it a Game Night- get wild and have a sexy game night, play dirty Janga or love monopoly.
  5. Picnic under the stars- romance in the dark under the stars is amazing. Get a blanket, a couple candles, some picnic food and a bottle of wine and enjoy each others company.

Well guys there you have it, 10 date night ideas for your 1 year anniversary. Whatever you decide to do, make it memorable and different.

Good luck!

~Gruada Mom~