Today, I want to take you though the steps in creating a boho veil for a bride-to-be.

My beautiful bride absolutely loved her boho veil I made her.

This veil was easy to make and cheap!

This took me about 20 minutes to make and only cost me around $15.00

Here is my bride in her boho veil, this photo was taken by Sarah McKenzie she is an amazing photographer at the Lake. I refer everyone to her! I swear by her photography techniques and I love her personality.


Okay so supply list:

  • flower head band (all white)
  • white tool
  • white lace ribbon
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • industrial size aluminium can or a sause pan
  • rhinestones

Step 1- Take your headband out of the package and grab your aluminium can. Place your headband on the can like you would if you were putting it over your head.



Step 2- grab your tool and cut 6-8 strips (length is up to you) after your strips of tool are cut you are going to tie them onto the headband as if you were making a tutu. Do not tighten them down yet because you may want to move them around to ensure they are centered properly.

Step 3- grab your lace ribbon and cut 4 strips the same length you did the tool and this is the same tutu like technique for tying. I placed one strip of lace on each end of the tool then spaced the other 2 strips in between the tool.

Step 4- makes sure all strips of lace and tool are centered with the head band and tighten them down so they do not move around or come undone.

Step 5- Take the lace strip that is at each end of the tool and cross them over the top of the tool pulling them together like a wrap, then bring the lace underneath the tool gluing them down. This will keep it all together so they do not separate. Then glue rhinestones over the lace to make it look pretty.


Yep, it is that simple ladies! Enjoy!

Stay tuned for the Bachelorette Adventure Day.

~Gruada Mom~



Wedding Keepsake Up-Cycled Vintage Hat Box

This is the second box that went to my bride-to-be for a wedding keepsake box.

She absolutely loved it and so did I. This project was cheap, fun and turned out so beautiful. I am happy to share it with all of you.

So here is what you need:

  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Tinted or vintage Mod podge
  • large paint brush and water to clean the brush
  • White Lace Ribbon
  • artificial flowers (any of your Choice)
  • Hot Glue gun and glue sticks
  • scissors
  • wire cutters
  • Vintage Hat Box

Here are the steps to this beautiful creation:

  1. paint the whole box white (lid and bottom, inside and outside) and let dry over night, you will probably have to put a second layer of paint on if it is a dark box. I ended up doing 3 layers of white paint.
  2. after the box is dry paint the whole box with your mod podge to seal in the acrylic paint otherwise it will just chip off. let this dry over night.
  3. after the painting and drying process is over, get out your white lace ribbon, wrap the ribbon around the bottom of the box to size your length then cut where you need it. Once your ribbon is cut, take your hot glue gun and glue the ribbon around the bottom of your box and place the bottom to the side.
  4. next grab your lid and your flowers
  5. cut the flowers to the desired size with wire cutters
  6. then before gluing the flowers down place them in the desired spot and design you want then lift the flowers slightly and place your glue underneath them and hold them down for about 30 seconds for glue to dry. Continue gluing until you are done.
  7. this box had holes on each side with some rope for hanging, I cut the rope and replaced it with lace.

Your all done. WOW that was quick right? After 3 days of painting and drying it only took about 20 minutes to finish the box and this project only cost me $15.00. It looks elegant and so beautiful.

I hoped you enjoyed this up-cycled vintage hat box project. Stay tuned for my next blog. I will show you how to make a Boho Veil.

~Gruada Mom~


A Bachelorette’s Up-Cycled Gift Box

Today I will show you how to up-cycle a vintage hat box to use as a gift box for your fabulous Bachelorette. This gift box was designed to hold my Bachelorette’s Gifts which included a keepsake box inside (I will share this one later), a jewelry tray with earrings, “Bride” T-Shirt, Sash, Light up diamond ring, and her Boho Veil (I will share this later as well)

Okay, so I got this Vintage Hat Box at our local Antique Store “Fox and the Hound Antiques”. You can find them at almost every flea market, treasure, thrift, and antique store out there and they are super cheap. Mine were each $1.00. Now that’s a buy!

Here we go:


  • Black and Red Acrylic Paint
  • large paint brush
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • rhinestones
  • lace ribbon
  • cloth roses (mine were actually hair clips, I just cut the seam that attached the clip to the roses)
  • Black Sharpie


Step one- Paint the box, here I painted the lid red and the bottom of the box black with acrylic paint, and let it dry for 2 days then I sealed the paint with tinted mod podge and let that dry over night.

Step 2- after painting and drying time (3 days) I took the lace and glued it to the rim of the lid. (sit the lid aside)

Step 3- Take your white lace and glue one strip on each side of the front of the box (spacing is up to you) I chose a wide space. (The concept is to make it look like the tie of a corset top.)

Step 4- cut 6 small strips of lace ribbon crossing them down the box gluing down the corners so they look over lapped.

Step 5- place a rhinestone (8 total) on the out side of the corset design where the tie over laps.

Step 6- make a bow with the lace and glue it to the center of the box at the top and place a rhinestone in the middle of the bow. Cute!

That is it for the bottom of the box, so place that aside.

Grab the lid again


The lid was simple as well, All I did was glue the lace around the rim of the lid, then I glued down my roses in the top corner and wrote out my favorite saying from Moulin Rouge. I chose this quote because it fit the theme of the Bachelorette Adventure day.

I spent about $5.00 on this project and my Bachelorette loved her gift box and all her contents inside.

Stay tuned for the 2nd up-cycled hat box later this week!

Thanks for joining me today,

~Gruada Mom~