Procreating Succulents 

Hello friends

Here are some tips to starting succulents from cuttings ..

Hopefully these quick tips will help and get you started on your clipping garden. Clippings truly can be a start to a whole new way of gardening and passing plants along without uprooting or buying more.


Grauda sister.

Also check caring for succulents to learn how to carefor them as they get bigger. Thank you Pinterest for all the pics for this blog post.


Growing And Caring For Succulants 

Hey friends,

I am so in love with succulents they’re my favorite plants so sturdy and Hardy. I am new to plants and I always look for tips the tips below have really helped me grow and I hope they help you.

Succulents are often tricky to identify these are good starter guides to help start recognizing succulents and what goes good together .

These are good references for the right layering that is ideal for successful succulents. They need the right amount of layering to grow and then they can continue procreating .

What Is Procreating. ?


Truly for me I followed these exact tips and I lost so many, that I got discouraged . I pull the clipping and lay them flat in dirt that has hardly any moister and I leave them alone for at least a month then sprites with a spray bottle 2 sprites. Onces you get some going it is easy to identify what you do wrong in no time you can Creat your own beautiful garden. You will never again have to buy more plants to enjoy them and it is so easy you can create gifts with merely pennies. This has became a past time hobby and therapy for me I enjoy creating succulent heaven. I hope you enjoy these tips and that they help you create your own Oasis.


Gruada sister

P.s all of these picture tips I saved from Pinterest also any other information you can find there is literally books of knowlage at your finger tips. And you can create the best succlant diy.