Father’s Day Gift Idea’s

Hello Lovelies,

Father’s Day is coming up very soon.

Yes a father is very special and is celebrated daily but, just like mothers they are honored on a special day yearly.

Father’s are a child’s hero, a hard working family man who strives to provide a better life for their family, father’s are the entertainers, the Dr. for bad wounds, and crazy adventures. Father’s are the ones to spoil their daughters and teach their sons to grow up and be men and fathers to their children. 

So Daddy needs something special, I prefer handmade items but some people aren’t crafty and creative so they resort to buying something that is meaningful and very special from the heart. 

So I have gathered up 10 perfect gift idea’s…

1. Arm’s Reach BedSide Biometric Gun Safe

2. Father/Daughter Matching Necklace set

3. Personalized FootPrint Pocket Knife

4. TMNT T-Shirt

5. Personalized Money Wallet Clip 

6. Beard Grooming Station

7. Dad Ring

8. Personalized Tie clip & cuff links

9. Personalized Cigar Box

10. Super Hero Frame

Well, I hope this helps give you an idea on what to buy for your father, husband, grandpa, or great grandpa. Next Sunday will feature DIY Father’s day Gifts.

Until Next time,

~Gruada Mom~


Easter Bash Success 

Happy Easter Everyone!

Our Easter Bash was perfect, I made Strawberry Kool-Aid and Sweet Tea.

Peep Brownies, and Easter Puppy Chow.

We had our Easter Egg Hunt and then did some Easter Crafts.

  • Maracas


  • Recycled Tissue Paper Eggs


  • Easter Bunny Headbands


And, for dinner…

Well momma was tired so we had Pizza.

How do you spend your Easter?

♡♡~Gruada Mom~♡♡

Easter Egg dying

Hey friends,

How do you spend the day before easter?


Prepping for Easter Sunday.

This year we dyed 30 eggs.

We did some in kool-aid, some food coloring tie-dye and some marbled using shaving cream and food coloring. It was a lot of fun, the kiddos loved it. 17968375_250585645412245_486481768_o

Now that the hard boiled eggs are ready it’s time to fill 4 dozen plastic eggs and put together the kiddos easter baskets. Fun fun!17974807_250585895412220_971685527_n



Ohh, and I have Easter puppy chow and peep brownie bites to make.

Yes I will share the out come of these pretty little snacks.

And lastly, I have crafts to finish putting together for tomorrow’s Easter Party.

The kiddos will be making maracas, bunny ears and tissue paper Easter eggs.

So be sure to stay close for tomorrow nights Easter Sunday Post.

♡♡~Gruada Mom~♡♡

Easter Sunday: Q-Tip Easter Egg Painting

Hey mommas,

I have another Easter craft for you. This one was inspired by No Time For Flash Cards.

I’m sure you have the supplies lying around your home too. If not family dollar has you covered.


Step 1: print and cut out your printable.

Step 2: place a little paint on your cardboard, each color has its own q-tip.17692480_1214555075279514_1921363305_o

Step 3: design and decorate your egg.17692983_1214555135279508_336825951_o

You can also add glitter, stickers, or just color with crayons or markers. Make it fun but most of all make it you.

Easy Peasy!

~Gruada Mom~

Easter Sunday: Marbled Eggs

Hey mommas,

Easter is coming up here’s a dollar tree Easter project. Most likely you have the supplies laying around the house.

This project is a lot of fun but very messy. Momma I urge you to watch the young ones like a Hulk and help them complete the project.

Okay, so here’s what you need:

  • Egg printable
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paint
  • Shaving cream
  • A scraping tool (we used a piece of cardboard box)
  • A old sheet
  • A glass dish (paint washes right out)
  • Tooth pick or fork

Step 1: print out your eggs and then cut them out.

Step two: place old sheet over table or on floor.

Step three: align the bottom of the glass pan with shaving cream.

Step four: squirt paint on top of the shaving cream.

Step 5: take your tooth pick or fork and kinda mix your colors together.

Step 6:  take your egg and place it on top of the mixture and lightly press down and lift the egg.

Step 7: set egg a side and let sit for 2 minutes.

Step 8: take your cardboard scraper  and scrape the shaving cream and paint mixture off the egg.

Bam you have a marbled egg.

Let dry over night before hanging. Paper will be easy to rip so keep in a safe place over night to completely dry.

Then hang for display.

We put the first letter of each child in the center of the egg, I suggest using acrylic paint or a paint pen to write it because sharpies don’t get the job done with this project. It was a lesson learned. We had a blast doing this one.

Rainy days make the kids go stir crazy so crafts and games is a must. Well that’s it for today.

Go get creative.

~Gruada Mom~

Valentines Butterfly Craft

Hey momma’s here is one last Valentines craft.

We did these on Valentines Day!

So, here’s what you need:

  • Construction paper
  • Googly eyes
  • A pen or marker
  • Colored piping sticks
  • Heart stickers
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Hot glue gun or Elmers glue

Okay so first things first. Measure one sheet or construction paper to fit around the toilet paper roll.

Next, glue it down and get another sheet of construction paper, fold it in half and draw a heart on one side and cut it out. This gives you two.

Now put your stickers on your heart wings to resemble spots. Then glue the wings to your toilet paper roll which is the butterflis body.

Only two steps left…

Give the butterfly eyes and antanas using heart stickers and pipe cleaners.

Lastly, draw a little nose and a mouth for thr butterfly.

And there you go…

A simple, cheap and fun Valentines Butterfly.


I hope everyone had an amazing Valentine’s day.

~Gruada Mom~

Valentines Heart cake

Made this for the hubby this year!


  • 2 boxes Devils Food Cake Mix
  • Eggs
  • Veggie oil
  • 6 eggs
  • Cream cheese icing
  • M&M’s
  • Chocolate chips
  • Strawberries
  • Heart shaped candy
  • Round cake pan
  • Rectangle cake pan
  • Butter

Okay so here is what you do…

Mix your cake mix as directed and preheat oven as directed as well. Place one box of mix in a round pan and one in a rectangle pan. Be sure to smear butter inside each pan to avoid sticking.

Once cake is baked, set it aside to cool. Give it at a minimum of 2 hours to cool down.

While the cake is cooling, cut tops of strawberries and wash them. Let air dry and melt the chocolate chips on the stove. Dip strawberries in chocolate and place in the fridge so chocolate can harden.

By this time your cake should be cool enough to cut and ice.

Cut a thin layer of thr top to even the cake out. Next cut the round cake in half. These are the tops of your cake. Place the rectangle cake in the center of a cookie sheet like a diamond shape and place each half of the round cake on the top of each side of the diamond. Next ice your cake.

Once iced you can pull out the strawberries and place around the cake. Then take the extra chocolate and drip it around the cake as well. Take the M&M’s (red and brown only) and spell out LOVE in the center of the cake.

Lastly, get out your heart lollipops and cut down the stick and place in the cake.

Bam! A beautiful heart Valentines Cake.

Super cute, super cheap and super easy.


~Gruada Mom~