How To Survive the Day When Your Completely Exhausted

Hey Lovelies,

Hope all is well on your side of the world, over here where I am is pretty exhausting. As a mother of 3 little ones, a full time college student, a Childcare provider for 4 other children, plus the daily chaos of household chores, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks for the family, the grocery shopping, paying bills and everything in between. Yea, I often feel defeated, overwhelmed, and seriously exhausted.


I had to do something, the exhaustion use to lead to a very cranky woman and just completely stressed all the time because I felt so far behind and just didn’t have the energy to do anything. I just wanted to sleep or cry…normally crying came first. But, then I decided I needed to feel energized and like myself again. But how?


For starters it is not easy to fight exhaustion and depression at the same time but it is possible. You need a plan and determination to accomplish winning the fight.

I started with seeing the Dr. She prescribed Prozac for my depression and birth control to help balance my hormones in which she said a low hormone balance and PPD help contribute to the exhaustion and of course being a mother of three little ones ages 2, 3, and 5.

Well after getting my body use to my new prescription I did notice a change, I had felt a little more energized but it just wasn’t enough. It was time to start changing some much needed lifestyle choices.

Here are the tricks that I have learned to help me get though my day even when I am exhausted and just want to stay in bed and sleep. We are moms…its not possible unless you have older children or someone to babysit. Otherwise you end up looking like your house flew to OZ and back.

I’ll stop babbling and get started now…


A little about my daily routine first…

My day starts at 6 am every morning except Saturdays & Sundays, I get my husband up for work and then get my daughter up and ready for school, the three of us are out the door by 6:45, my husband is at work by 7 am and my daughter is at school by 7:30 am. Then it is back to the house with the boys (by the way my grandfather whom I take care of stays with the boys while I am gone). The boys are still asleep when I get home, this allows me about 2 hours of silence before they wake, if it is a good day. So while they are still sleeping to help fight the exhaustion I have learned to keep a sleeping schedule and not to go back to sleep for those 2 hours waiting for the boys to wake. So instead I drink 1 cup of coffee and do some writing for an hour. Then exercise for an hour before my day really starts.

Now here’s where fighting the exhaustion really comes in…

  1. Exercise

    If you are a lazy woman like I am and do not like exercising like extreme exercising such as running, lifting weights, push ups and things like that here is a great energizing workout just for you. These two routines I do every morning, not only does it help give me a boost of energy, I am also loosing weight and toning up. I still have a long way but it is a work in progress. By the way I am talking about Yoga, it is perfect for a lazy girl.

I always start out with this routine in bed first to get me going.




2.  Eat Clean

Eating a clean and healthy diet will help energize you though the day so you don’t feel so exhausted and drained. Eating breakfast daily will help incredibly. Here are a couple resources I used to build my own diet.

23 Healthy Mason Jar meal ideas

50 Meals under 300 Calories


3. Diffuse Essential Oils

One of my favorite ways to feel energized and relaxed is Aroma Therapy. Diffusing an uplifting aroma helps boost energy and make you happy + it smells amazing. Some of my favorite oils for that boost of energy and happy feeling is Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, and Peppermint.

4. Work in spurts 

When your exhausted tackling a large task like cleaning the living room or cleaning the kitchen or maybe even for you it’s tackling the laundry. Well take it easy momma and do the work in spurts. For instance if your feeling like the living room is to much to tackle do sections at a time. For instance picking up trash, then clothes, then toys, etc. and do it in between commercials while watching your favorite TV Show resting on the couch or in between writing your next blog post. Either way slow down and do a little at a time.

5. Power Nap

I know it is hard with little ones running around like wild animals and having a to-do-list to take care of but power nap in sort spurts. Just lay on the couch and close your eyes for 15ish minutes 3 or 4 times a day. It will help you push though the day.

I know thinking of yourself is hard but when you get so exhausted your overwhelmed, running in circles and feel like your crazy it’s time to slow down and take the day one step at a time. Lets face it mommy you are impossible to please when your exhausted and your patients are shorter and no one wants to feel that way ever. So the next time you are feeling completely crapy and can’t hold your eyes open just slow down and think about your lifestyle and change it. Do a little stretching, clean eating like an orange or apple can help give you energy or a hand full of almonds and it will lift you up a little.

~Gruada Mom~


How was Your Mother’s Day?

Hey mommas, 

Sunday was Mother’s Day!
I hope all of you had a blissful and peaceful day or even weekend. 

My Mother’s Day Weekend was disastrous. …at least it started that way. 

My lovely husband planned a camping trip for me with another couple. Wonderful thought because I love camping, a peaceful weekend in the woods on the water sounded amazing. 

Well, a wonderful thought turned into one disaster after another. First on Friday on the way to the campground I got a tire blowout. I should of known from there it was gonna be bad.

So then the night goes on and the other couple did nothing but fight and saturday morning was the same way. Well I went off and enjoyed the water alone. It was nice to have a few minutes of silence. Then my husband’s friend and my husband got into it and we just threw our hands up and packed up and went home. (I’m not getting into detail or saying any names) so, due to my husband’s and his friends fight my husband was pissy the entire night on Saturday and even on Sunday. It made me miserable. 

But, then my 3 babies came home from their Tia Thea’s house with a lovely strawberry and chocolate cake and a beautiful painted canvas they made for me. 

My day then turned around! It’s the little things in life that matter the most and make you smile. 

Nothing compares to that heart warming feeling ones babies can give them. All the bad that had happened was gone in a matter of seconds. 

We then had a BBQ, built a little fire and had some Smores. It turned out to be a lovely mothers day. 

~Gruada Mom~

Mother’s Day Pinterest Gift Idea Round up

Hey Lovelies,

Mother’s day is just around the corner and pinterest is blooming with ideas, so in honor of mothers day I decided to do a pinterest round up.

What’s a pinterest round up you ask?.?

Well, it’s all the wonderful ideas people share on pinterest just for mommies.

So let’s jump right in….

Luxurious Vanilla Lavender Bath Salt Recipe for Mother’s Day

MOTHERS DAY GIFT IDEA BATH SALT 1 of 1-4_zpsyilz8hwb

28 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts from Daughter


15 Last Minute Mason Jar Gift Idea’s for Mother’s Day


Cozy Slipper Gift Idea


16 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Basket Idea’s


35 Creatively Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Idea’s


Mother’s Day Collage Sign

31249827732237399cd9621f5b459dea (1)

20+ Mother’s Day Crafts


15+ Mother’s Day Crafts Kids Can Make


Well all there ya have it!

My pinterest favorites!

And Remember, no matter what you do for mommy something that is handmade with love is a lot more thoughtful than any gift you could buy.

So go get creative and make mommy something special.

~Gruada Mom~

Work at home Jobs for the SAHM

Hey mommy,

Are you tired of the 9-5 job?

Doing the same old thing day in and day out?

I was too, Now I don’t I stay home with my 3 toddlers and still make some money on the side. I don’t make a steady income but I’m working hard towards it and this time next year who knows we could be making $30,000 a month.

Now, don’t think you will get rich quick because you won’t but it’s very beneficial to work from home.

  1. You don’t have to pay a babysitter to take care of your kids to work.
  2. You get more time with your little ones.
  3. You make your own rules, and schedule.
  4. You accomplish more at home and have more energy and time.
  5. You can save more money.

So, what can you do to help out your stressed spouse?

Well, here is a big list of jobs you can do from home.

Babysitting / Daycare- you can earn a decent income by taking care of people’s kids while they work. Let’s say you charge $20 a child a day for 5 days everyweek, if you take on 4 kids which is standard for MO law without getting a business license then you can easily earn $400 a week. That’s not bad at all.

Dog sitting- If you love dogs then you can watch people’s dogs during the day and earn a decent income from that. You could charge $20 a day per dog and require the owner to bring their dog food with.

Personal Chef/Baker- If you enjoy being in the kitchen and can Cook or bake like a Boss then you can sell goods, host cooking classes, host cooking shows with YOUTUBE or cater for parties and special events such as weddings or birthday parties. You make your own schedule and own prices. Some make a darn good living doing this.

House cleaning Service- If you enjoy cleaning and organizing or your just good at it. Then start up a cleaning business. Most cleaning companies charge $20.00 an hour.

Party/Even Designer or Planner- If your crafty and enjoy being “the hostess with the mostest” then this is perfect for you. You choose your rules, hours, designs, you run the whole show. Start out small and build yourself a name. Ohh and you choose your pay rate too.

Fitness or Life coach- If helping people and being in great shape is what moves you, then become a coach and teach people how to become more fit and healthy in every aspect of their lives.

YouTube Channel- If you like being on camera and have interesting material like comady, or your a chef and want to recipes or a scientist who experiments then why not start a YouTube Channel.

Blog- If you enjoy writing and you have something to share start blogging. You can start your own blog here. You can have a mommy blog, financial blog, food blog, lifestyle blog, fashion blog and much much more. It’s yours you can do what you want. You could even work with Amazon and do movie or book reviews on your blog. Who knows.?.

Remote Customer Service- Help customers through online chat or over the phone. Training is provided with some and pay depends on the company but most start from $8-20 an hour and you choose your schedule.

  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Home Shopping Network
  • We Work Remotely
  • American Express

Tutoring- If you enjoy helping others succeed then you can tutor people online. Some sites require a degree but most is experience.

Taking Surveys- you won’t get rich or make a steady income but you can earn a few extra bucks for taking surveys, taking polls, answering emails, watching short videos and playing games. I’ve made about $20 extra a month through PayPal with Inbox Dollars and about $100 in shopping cards from swagbucks.

Direct Sales – You can sale directly with these companies and earn a commission and discounts on products.

Referral programs- you can earn a commission for referring people to companies as well. Share on social media and when someone signs up with your link then you get paid.

Affiliate Marketing- Basically you refer products for merchants and when someone buys those products you earn a commission.

Freelance writing – There are TONS of sites that will pay you to write for them. Rather your a blogger or story teller there is a site for you. You just have to find the right lead that fits you.

Working from home and being your own boss has alot of perks and its not that expensive to start. All you have to do is figure out what you want and what you love most and do it. Be consistent, be honest, motivated, passionate, time management and clever. Know what your doing and go for it. It doesn’t hurt to try.

So go for it momma, make your dreams come true and enjoy those little moments it your little ones, you only get that time with them once and the little ones count the most.

Good luck momma!

♡♡~Gruada Mom~♡♡

May Newsletter

Hey lovelies,

May is here and it’s my birthday. Yep I am 27 today! Yay me!

I have a lot to do over the next few days, today is my birthday the 8th is my daughters birthday and the 14th is Mothers day. Busy busy busy!!

Also, we have had so much rain I have had a lot of time to plan and get shit done. Seriously, been working like crazy. So for the month of May I have come up with a blogging plan.

Are you ready?

I am going to show you what I have learned blogging. Now I have only been blogging since October of 2016. Not even a year yet but I have learned so much about blogging and how to monetize it’s insane. Really it is, until I started blogging  I never realized how much work bloggers actually put into blogging. However as time goes on it is getting easier. And I promise for those of you who have been blogging for a short few months the money will start rolling in. More like a trickle but hey you will get there.

Now, blogging is not a get rich quick thing, it actually takes about 1 to 2 years before you actually start seeing a real income.

So let’s raise above together.

Our plan for May is…

  • Shinning Mothers Sunday
  • Money Making Monday
  • Topsy Thursday (Top 5 Favorites)
  • Succulent Saturday

We will discuss ways to monetize your new blog, how to start a blog, and how to put your blog on autopilot. Ways to treat mommy for Mother’s Day and awesome gifts for her that are baught and homemade. We will share top favorites of ours and lastly our favorite plant succulents. We will show you how to care and grow them and ways to make small indoor and outdoor gardens with them.

I’m telling you it is going to be fun and informative.

So be sure you stay close!

Ohh yea, just one more thing before I go…

Don’t for get to sign up to our email list so you get all of our latest blog posts.

~Gruada Sisters~

Mommy Rant

Husband asks, “How was your day?”

Wife replies, “It was OKAY!” (Her tone raises slightly)

Husband replies with, “What is wrong?”

Wife, ” Nothing I am just tired and warn out, ready to relax.”

Husband chuckles a little bit, “Did you move furniture for 7 hours today?”

Wife…”No, actually if you wanna know how my day was fine…

Our middle son got up at 5 am, I changed his diaper, got his milk and put him back in bed. Then our youngest got up at 7 am, I changed his butt, filled his sippy and put on cartoons, I made coffee and went pee. Then our middle got up again, he went to the living room with his baby brother. As I drank my coffee and got ready for work. 

9 am I was at my first clients house, then at noon, my second clients house and last at 2 pm my third clients house. At 3:30 pm I picked our daughter up from school. 

Came home and spent 3 hours working on my marketing paper while doing 2 loads of laundry and chasing the kids around. 

Made dinner.

Cleaned the kitchen

Gave our three toddlers their baths, brushed their teeth and got them in their pj’s. 

Let’s see you came home before dinner, went to the bed room, laid down and played on your phone. Then slept for 3 hours and got up spent 30 minutes playing with the kids. And when back to the bedroom and popped in a movie.

While I got the kids in bed, did 2 more loads of laundry and cleaned up all the toys in the house. 

Yell at the kids to go to bed 3 more times…

They finally go to bed by 10 pm.

Time for my shower and go to bed. It’s now midnight. 

3 am rolls around our middle is crying…goes back to sleep…3:30 am our youngest is crying. Middle again at 5 and youngest at 7 am…

And the day starts all over…

Yea I’m tired and warn out, my plate is full. 

Yes your job is hard but mine never stops. 

You take naps after work and I do school work, cooking, laundry, wrestle 3 toddlers and clean our home. I don’t nap and am up half the night. 

So husband… was your day really harder?” Step into my shoes for a week. 

Husband, “Your life is not that bad…” 

Wife, “I never said it was bad, I said I was warn out.”


Correct me if I am wrong but this is a daily battle in a marriage between spouses? Yes, I’m pretty sure it is… as a mother, wife, student and homemaker life gets overwhelming. For some reason people think being a mother is an easy job. Maybe to one toddler it is… but to 3 toddlers… it’s a different ball field. 

To a man that was raised the woman works, takes care of the kids and does the house work and the man works to pay the bills and that’s it..they don’t give us enough credit and appreciation. And then wonder why we don’t ever have time for them… you don’t make it easy to spend time with you. 

Maybe help out more, you know make it 50/50 instead of 25/75. 

It’s common knowledge… I mean I could let the laundry pile up or the trash over flow but then I’m being lazy and you get mad. You would throw a fit because your work clothes weren’t clean.

Just think about it husband… do you really have it harder than your beautiful wife, mother, student, and homemaker that is standing by your side pushing through every day trying to stay strong and not cry or scream when she feels weak. 

She doesn’t rest! 

Think about it for a moment!

Don’t judge a mother just because she doesn’t get paid for her full time job. Don’t judge her because she only has a part time paying job. 

Don’t judge her for not spending time with you because she is trying to balance her life in chaos.

Don’t judge her because she wears yoga pants and t-shirts and doesn’t wear make up. 

Don’t judge her for being a mess. 

Don’t judge her for a moment and think that your manual labor job is harder then being a wife, mother, student and homemaker. 

I’d say that’s one hell of a strong woman!

I’d say that woman is me. 

And that woman is probably the one reading this post that can relate on some level. 

So I say to you mommy, 

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and just breath. It will be okay and you are amazing, keep up the good work and stay strong.

 “You are a pheonix…spread your wings and soar mommy”

~Gruada Mom~

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Today’s post is very personal for me, and I want to reach out and dedicate this to all of you beautiful ladies who are mommies that feel deprived, lost, broken, lonely, and just not happy with yourself. This is for those ladies who don’t feel comfortable in their own skin and are of larger size like myself.

I won’t lie having three children in the span of 4 years did a lot of damage to my body inside and out. I have always been a heavy set woman but never like I was after my three children came. I didn’t feel like myself and I felt ashamed of my body. I lost my confidance, I lost my self worth, I lost me, the biggest part of who I was all because I didn’t love the way I looked.

And, honestly I still struggle some days.

However, my dear husband tried his best to assure me daily that I was beautiful and enough and he loved every curve, every stretch mark and every inch of me. But I didn’t feel like it was enough.

One evening last year we were laying in bed looking at some photos on Facebook. This was shortly after taxes and I was actually looking for a photographer for my sister-in-laws bachelorette photoshoot. Well that’s where the Facebook photos came in, he suggested I did a boudoir photoshoot.

I automatically shut him down. He frowned, I could tell he wanted them not only for himself but for me too. So, I looked into it further. And, sat there looking at myself in the mirror.

I then desided I was going to do it. I wanted to give him something for Valentines day and I wanted something that would make me feel alive again and proud of my own skin.

So, I talked my sister-in-law into going with me and doing it for her soon to be hubby. I paid for the entire thing.

I went shopping at the Garden of Eden, we went to antique shops and other stores looking for outfits to wear. We each had 3 wardrobes to pick for the shoot.

Our amazing photographer Sarah Mckenzie gave me a great deal. She provided us with an amazing hair and make up artist and was very fun and calming to work with. We were both nervous as hell but by the end of our journey we were happy and proud of the leap we took together and excite for our hubbies to receive their “little black books”. 

For the first time in a long time I felt beautiful and proud to be in my own skin.
I want each of you ladies to take that leap and have a boudoir photoshoot. I believe every woman deserves to treat themselves to this exciting journey. You won’t understand the freedom and beauty I felt until you do it.

Here are a couple of my photos I am willing to share with all of you.

These are sample photos Sarah Sent from the photoshoot. She doesn’t actually put her logo through the photos.


If you live at the Lake of the Ozarks or surrounding area I want to refer you to sarah Mckenzie  Photography:

Or her website:

And be sure to tell her Ashlie Estrada sent you!

Thank you for joining me.

Please share and leave comments below.

~Gruada Mom~