Melaleuca Product Review – Koala Pals Hair Wash & Body Wash

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I have a new Melaleuca review for you, it’s another favorite of mine. The Koala Pal’s Hair wash and Body wash. These two products are for kids and it is tear-free and chemical free, both products have all natural ingredients.

Hair Wash

This special hair wash contains natural ingredients such as oats, tea-tree oil, chamomile leaf extract, vitamin E and green tea. It is gentle for their hair, conditions and shampoos and makes the kid’s hair soft, shiny and strong. My children even love it, especially the soft sweet gentle smell it gives.

Body Wash

This body wash smells amazing and leaves my kids feeling soft, smooth and smelling like angels. I seriously love this stuff and will keep ordering it. It contains tea-tree oil, chamomile, vitamin E, green tea, oats and aloe.


As a preferred customer I can order this as a set and save $4.02, it only costs $8.98 for the pack, that’s a great deal. I totally recommend these two products for your children.

We are currently Enrolling New Customers for only $1!!!

To enroll click here

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5 ways to use Essential Oils with Household Items

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I love Essential Oils! They smell amazing and have many healthy benefits. They treat all kinds of things from bug bites to burns, sweet aroma to spicy aroma, headaches to menstrual relief. You can use essential oils in all kinds of things as well especially for household items and beauty items.

I’m a mother and a hippy at heart, if it’s not natural and safe for my body or the earth I personally don’t want to use it.

Essential oils are a huge part of my life and I use them with everything again from beauty products to household items.

Here are 5 awesome ways I use Essential Oils in my home and you can too.


1. Potpourri

I use fresh rose buds in a mason jar and put about 1/4 cup of Almond Oil and then about 20 drops of essential oil, and a candle warmer. I love using exotic sandalwood or just sandlewood with the roses it gives a sweet soft smell and makes the whole room smell amazing.


 2. Candles

I like to take non-scented candles from Wal-Mart and melting them down and mixing the wax with essential oils. This blend here is a citrus blend using lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit. Depending on the size of the candle will depend on the amount of drops you use. Here in these shells I have 3 drops of each oil.


3. Homemade Air Freshener

This homemade air freshener is really simple to make just take a small mason jar, poke holes in the lid for breathing and fill the jar with baking soda and put about 15 drops of essential oil in with the baking soda and mix it up a little, put the lid on and you have an air freshener.


4. Scented Olive Oil Candle

Here is an olive oil candle, another simple quick diffuser for those essential oils. All you need is a mason jar, lantern wick or wire, a paper clip, olive oil, and your essential oils. Use the paper clip to hold the wick center by wrapping it around the wick and clipping it to the side of the mason jar. With this jar I used 20 drops of essential oils. Ohh and just a little tip do not use any other wick unless you plan on having a fire.


5. Clothes Pin Diffuser

This is super simple, hot glue pom balls or felt stickers to clothes pins and stick it in the air conditioning vents. I like to put about 20 drops in each cotton ball, it makes the whole room smell like lemons… or whatever aroma you desire.


All my essential oils come from Melaleuca the wellness company, there like is called Pure and I can order special packs as a prefered customer. My citrus pack cost around $30 with a savings of $13. It was a really good special running. Check out Melaleuca the wellness company and their line of essential oils today. Membership enrollments are just $1 right now. Click here to enroll.


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Top 5 Fathers Day Diy Presents

Good morning ,

A lot of times we as busy people are racing around for that perfect fathers day gift or maybe on a limited budget so here are some quick easy and inexpensive gift for special dads. They won’t break your budget and they are perfect for showing all the daddies we are celebrating How special they are … 

  1.  All you need is 3 letters and one of daddies shirts. This is easy and something that will be treasured for a life time..
  2. All you need is 4 paints a sharpie or pen and a canvous I priced this project at 6 dollars. Walmart has 2 for a dollar paints and 3 dollar canvouses ..
  3. Our next project is 10 dollars. You need a wooden plank a sharpie and 1 small bottle of paint. This one is hands down a wonderful gift and looks wonderful to take it one step further to preserve the art after the paint dries two layers of Modge podge and the paint is sealed 
  4. For all those star wars daddies we have a craft for you. Tgis requires a canvous or white paper 3 small bottles of paint and a brush tho fill in the face this was a 5 dollar project 
  5. You will need shoes 3 small paints and a canvous. This is a 5 dollar project. First placpe the shoe prints allow to dry then little foot prints and the writing. Thank you for your time I hope some of these ideas help you with fathers day. Have a wonderful fathers day and for you arhers thank you for all you do…


Grauda sister 

Thank you pintres for all the photos and inspiration

Top 5 Useful Blogging E-Books

Hey lovelies,

Blogging ain’t easy, there is actually more that goes into it than what people realize. There are laws, disclaimers, a lot of sharing, brain storming, freebies + selling products rather for you or someone else. There is a lot of information out there to help you along the way. There are may bloggers blogging about blogging, and there are a ton of useful books out there too.PicsArt_06-05-01.49.39

So if your a beginner like I am and need a little direction every now and again there are some books I have found to be reliable and informative. Now I have not read through all of these books but some I have read, some friends have refered me to, or I have skimmed some of the chapters. These books have helped me and others just like you and we all hope they will be useful for you too.

So lets begin…

1.Blogging: Your First Blog – A Beginner’s Guide: How To Set It Up, Write Your First Posts & Keep Creating Content (Blogging, Make Money Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging For Profit Book 3)“>Blogging: Your First Blog – A Beginner’s Guide: How To Set It Up, Write Your First Posts & Keep Creating Content (Blogging, Make Money Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging For Profit Book  This book covers everything you need to know about writing your first blog post, plugins, how to keep creating content, and much more. I found it very useful as a beginner.


2. Beginners Guide to Starting a Blog +Free software –  With this awesome Free package you get social media traffic generation software, it shows you how to set up a blog, your first post, and everything all packed into one. Check it out!


3. Blogging For Money: Myths and Mistakes to avoid when writing a blog for profit – This book features:

*Why No One Needs Your Blog
* Hosted vs. Self Hosted Blog: Which is Better?
* Blogging Green (or Gold!) in Evergreen Content
* Guest Blogging Guidelines
* Why Successful Bloggers Can Be the Worst Role Models
* Measuring Blog Success
* Why Closing Your Blog Could be the Best Thing You Could Do for It (and Yourself!)


4. How to Rank your website in the top #1 in search engine in just 10 minutes – This book provides all the information you need to become the top ranked site with Google, you get all of Googles Ranking Factors packed into one book.


5. Internet Marketing: 4 Manuscripts: Passive Income, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Time Management (Online Marketing Book 1) – This bundle pack has all the information you need to help make a passive income online, rock affiliate marketing, learn email marketing and teach yourself how to manage your time wisely. It is seriously worth the purchase.


well I hope this list becomes useful to some of you, I know I am working on the 4 manuscripts right now and I can say I am learning a lot. But who are we kidding we never stop learning.

Until next time,

~Gruada Mom~

Dollar Store Crafts 

Hello friends

Here are a few quick and easy dollar store idea to do at home well the kids are home.

Easy fun and affordable 

Glue or string

Flip flops

A few fake flowers

plastic spoons



To avoid spray paint just buy colored spoons


Magic marker 

Foam ball

And a base anything will work. I used a pencil ..
Pink paint 

A bottle

Paper plate 

A canvas

Brown paint. 
I hope you all enjoy these projects they are fun cheap and easy for kids and toddles to do with help and you will be left with something cute. There is no wrong or right way .. Just remember to have fun .


Grauda sister

Legging Army Update

Hello Lovelies,
Have to share with all of you,

Legging Army has 52 NEW designs in the Sublimation Series of Leggings. 

We also have some really cute new long maxi skirts but hurry fast because they go really fast. Limited selection. 

Next week we will have more new skirts, classic leggings, and carpi’s. 

Stick around to see what awesome designs are to come. Check out our site here

~Gruada Mom~

Restaurant/Pub Review: Kilt & Clover 

Hey Lake Area Residence and Tourists! 

Have I got a treat for you today! 

This is totally off our schedule but I have to share this with everyone.

The Hubby and I decided to go to a new Restaurant in Osage Beach, MO. We heard a couple good things about it. 

People this place is amazing!!

They have been open less than 6 months, our experience was amazing and we will return. It is a true Irish restaurant & Pub. The lighting was low and each table had a lit candle, there were flags above the bar area, And old photos along the walls. Different signs of Ireland roads. The bartender/day manager was in a black Kilt, the waitresses were in plaid skirts with matching green Kilt and Clover shirts. It was awesome! 

My husband loved their whiskey menu, and the Ale was awesome to . Everything is either imported or Pappos brews it in Springfield. 

We kind of ordered to much, we took a bunch of stuff home but it was totally worth it.

The appetizers we choose were:

Irish Nachos home made real potato chips with a creamy cheese sause, tomatoes, green onions, green peppers, corn beef, and some other stuff. It was great! My favorite thing we ordered. 
Beer battered Onion Rings, they explain themselves. I love beer battered Onion Rings.

Our waitress was very eager to explain everything to us from the 53 whiskeys to the spiced sauces. She was very up beat and on it. I give her a 5 star review. 

We also had:

The fish & chips
Corn Beef & Cabbage with Carrots and Potatoes, this was simply plated and the petite size. Which was perfect because I was already enjoying those Irish Nachos. This dish was perfect.

They have a great menu and it’s family friendly, so take your kids. I know I’ll be going back there for sure. There was some desserts I wanted to try but I didn’t have the room. 

Seriously people you have to try it. It’s totally normal Irish food with an amazing selection of Irish Whiskeys and Ales. So stop in and have a break they have a happy hour and full dinner menu. For more information find them on Trip Advisor or stop in at: 

939 Premium Outlets Drive, Osage Beach, MO 65065 open Sunday 11 am to 9 pm, Mon-Sat 11 am to 10 pm 

I promise you won’t be disappointed!

♡♡~Gruada Mom~♡♡