Toddler Craft: Animal Mask

As I was shopping in Joann’s Craft store (which by the way is heaven for a crafter) I stumbled across these wood animal masks in the $1 bin. I figured the babies would love them and they were cheap so why not.


And guess what I was right. I took them home got out the crayons, markers and colored pencils gathered the kiddos to the table and gave them their masks. They thought they where cool. So after the fun of coloring their masks was over. They kids ran around the house with them playing for about 2 hours before one got broke because my son desided to smack his on the door frame. However, the 3 hour joy and only spending $4 was totally worth it.

Below is the link, however they are only sold in stores.–butterfly%2Fowl/14502926.html#q=Wood%2Bmask&simplesearch=Go&start=1
Well go get some $1.00 masks for your kids and have fun.

~Gruada Mom~


Toddler Craft: window art


Hey bloggers.

Here is a fun, simple and cheap craft for your little ones to do. This project was inspired by Buzzfeed.


  1. Dollar store photo frames
  2. Elmers glue
  3. Food coloring
  4. Glitter glue
  5. Tooth picks
  6. Picture frame hooks
  7. Hot glue gun

Okay so the first thing you want to do is take the back off the frame and clean your glass, dry it with a paper towl and hot glue the glass to the frame. Let it dry then place it on the table face down.

Then I got a small muffin pan (disposal one) and a package of cheap paint brushes. I placed a small amount of glue in each whole of the muffin pan and mixed food coloring in the glue. Gave the kids the paint brushes and tooth picks and glitter glue tubes let them go at it. This project cost about $15 for 4 toddlers and we had glue and glitter glue left over.

They had a blast and they turned out great.

It’s your turn parents, get creative and have fun. They won’t stay young forever.

~Gruada Mom~

Preschool Transition


Starting preschool for a 4 year old is a scary process. They have a lot of new faces around them and a lot chaos going on. If your a stay-at-home parent and your child has been with you every day of their little life , they can develop anxiety very quickly. Which is basically a mommy/daddy withdrawal or the fear of mommy/daddy not coming back. It can be quite overwhelming for the child and the parent. The child may kick and scream throwing a fit for you to come back and not leave them. Which as a parent is a very heart breaking experience.

I know! I balled my eyes out the first day leaving her at preschool.

However, the transition does not have to be hard.

After the first day, I put together a transition plan to help both of us cope with her going to preschool. I didn’t want the second or third day to be as hard as the first, mostly for her.

So here is the transition steps I took that have made a huge difference.

  1. At home: when it is time to get your little one ready for school get excited about it for them. Start jumping up and down and say, “Hey guess what its time to get ready for school. YAY!” “I’m so excited for you, your going to have so much fun.”
  2. Then they will get excited and start getting ready.
  3. In the car: Sing different things related to their school (be loud, happy and excited) for instance you can sing about painting and learning the ABC’s or drawing and snack time. This way they are still excited about going and your reminding them that they have to go to school. Encouragement is very important to a toddler.
  4. At school: When you get to the classroom and sign them in, walk with them for the first 15 minutes. For instance at my daughters school, when she gets there she has to put her name badge on, put her back pack in her cubby hole, place her picture under her mood for the day (happy, sad, mad) here you encourage happiness by talking them into socializing with the other kids. Then they have to go wash their hands and gather their plates, cups, and utensils for lunch. I will stand and watch as she does it, then I will sit next to her and as she is grabbing her desired food I will be excited about it, “Oh cool, strawberries” “Yummy PB&J’s”.and I again tell her that I am leaving to go to work, to have fun and eat really good and I will be back. By then she is just like “Okay mom, See you later”
  5. Then I leave the class room

When I take these steps the transition from home to school goes great, but if I don’t give her encouragement and reassurance then the transition is terrible.

If your having problems with your child’s transition to their new preschool, I hope you consider these steps. It is a great improvement.

The Child Development Institute also has some great tips and tricks for parents.

Well thanks for joining me!

~Gruada Mom~

Easy toddler project: Marbled Glass

This project must be done under adult supervision.


  • Glass cups
  • Finger nail polish
  • A bowl of room temperature water

Simple household items, this project shouldn’t cost a penny. At least mine did not!

This post was inspired by many pins on pinterest. It was something I wanted to try myself. And my 4 year old daughter happened to smell the finger nail polish and came running.

“Mommy what are you doing?”

Then the boys followed, so it ended up a group project. It was fun and they just thought it was the coolest thing.

It is no different than marbling your nails and you can do it on any surface with the correct paint. However for glass I think nail polish has the best results.

Here are the steps that we took: 

  1. Wash the glass with dawn dish soap and dry with a cotton free towel or let air dry.
  2. Get a deep glass bowl and fill it with room temperature water. (Please note if you use a plastic bowl it does not come off, it seeps into the cracks.)
  3. Next drip the Polish in the water at a distance because if you get too close or it comes out to fast the Polish sinks. You only want to hit the surface. The polish will spread out and you can use a tooth pick to mix it.
  4. Next dip the glass at an angle or straight it if you like, slowly pull it back out and let air dry. We did sides and bottom and let the dry upside down for a few hours.

And your done, you have beautiful marbled glasses. And very entertained toddlers.


If you mess up nail polish remover takes it right off.

If you want to make it permanent just use a glass seal spray over it.

Now go create with your young ones and remember nail polish has a strong Oder and can harm your toddlers lungs so make sure your in a very airy room or outside and don’t have a lot of polish open at once. Safety with your young ones is extremely important. 

Tips for Parents with Multiple Toddlers

I am a mother of 3 very energetic toddlers who only run off of go…

I have a 4 year old daughter, 3 year old son and a 2 year old son. I’m not joking!

Life is much easier when you teach them all at once and there is less fighting when they all are invovled. So if one goes to bed at 8 p.m then they all do. If one has to sit at the table for breakfast then they all do. Things go a lot smoother. So here are 5 tips I have learned along the way and I apply them to all three of my babies. They all get the same treatment.

  1. Stay consistent- toddlers need reminding constantly because their brains are still growing and learning new and exciting things all the time. They also don’t have the ability to remember details and they don’t understand right from wrong just yet. So be consistent reminding them daily.
  2. Chores- you can start giving them chores at 3 and 4. Only little things like picking up their room, picking up laundry, rinsing dishes, picking up trash. It gives them a sense of responsibility and self-respect. They also listen better. Gridgit offers 6 free printables. Check it out.
  3. Build structure for them- give them a daily routine to stick to. For instance when they wake up have them make their bed, get dressed and go sit at the table for breakfast and brush their teeth after and so on.
  4. Oberve your child- watch your child’s Learning techniques, and teach them using those learning techniques. For instance if your child learns how to put the blocks in the correct holes by listening to you then their learning technique is Auditory. If they learn by watching you do it then they repeat it themselves then their learning technique is hands-on. It helps speed up their learning process. You can learn about learning styles from Kara Carrero at:
  5. Tantrums- if your toddlers throw a fit because you had to cancel craft time or going to the park. Let them throw the fit and when they are done sooth them by telling them it’s okay or it happens. Sometimes calm and loving words is all it takes and a nice hug from mommy.

Your know your children best, you learn from them and they learn from you. Even in a larger house hold. One on one time is difficult when you have multiple children under one roof but it’s not impossible mommy. So get to work and lock it down. You got this.

10 Benefits of Toddler’s Painting

Painting is a huge priority in my family. My children paint at least once a day, it is a fun activity for all of us and it helps their development.

Here are 10 reasons you should let your toddler paint every day.

  1. When a child holds a paint brush it encourages fine motor skills.
  2. They learn to move their hand, wrist, and arm to create images.
  3. It works muscles in their hand, wrist and arm preparing them to write, draw and cut with scissors.
  4. It teaches them hand-eye coordination.
  5. They learn and explore colors.
  6. They learn to express emotions.
  7. Provides brain development.
  8. They develop cognitive skills by making decisions and making choices.
  9. It teaches them to be independent, individuality, appreciation of others work, and a sense of self-respect.
  10. It’s an entertaining activity and keeps them busy.

Every masterpiece your toddler creates is teaching them and preparing them for school and life success. So mommies and daddies stop worries about the mess and let those babies create with paint. It’s fun and comes with benefits for those little ones.

Thanks for joining me tonight!

~Gruada Mom~



Child Development Skills

Tips for Parents With Multiple Children

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Toddler Project: DIY Dream Catchers

Here is a super easy and very fun toddler craft you can do with your little ones. I actually got this idea from Jen@TheSuburbanMom. Her design was a little different than mine but basics are the same. My children loved doing this. I also had extra kiddos that day my 3 baby cousins and my nephew. They loved it.

So here is the supplies you need:

  • paper plates
  • Acrylic paints
  • paint brushes
  • cup of water to clean your brushes
  • white sheet to throw over the table for easy clean up
  • a paper plate for a paint tray
  • yarn
  • beads
  • feathers
  • hole puncher

Now let me tell you, you can use really anything on these, stickers, glitter, pom poms, the list goes on. So get creative with these.


The first step is to have the kids paint their paper plates and let them dry for about 2 or 3 hours.

After they are dry cut the center out of the plate leaving the outer ring to work with. Then I put a hole at the top of the plate, cut a small piece of yarn and tied a loop in the top hole for hanging.

Then I made three holes at the bottom, and cut 3 pieces of string about a foot each maybe a little shorter and placed the yarn though the holes placing a bead on the back side to tie a knot to keep the yarn in place.

Next I placed 8 holes around the inside of the ring and had the kids create a web like design, adding beads though out for looks.

Then we went back to the bottom three pieces of yarn and put beads on each piece of yarn and tied a feather to the end.

13620981_999796146755409_5357393009415415196_n Completed Dream Catchers

Pretty cool huh!

I definitely think you should try this with your babies. We all really enjoyed this one. Thank you Jen from TheSuburbanMom for sharing this craft with us, it was a huge hit in our family.

Here is the link to Jen’s Site

The BFG Paper Plate Dream Catchers Craft

Gruada Mom Signing out!