Go Fund Me

This page is for my Uncle Levi West of Camdenton, MO. Wednesday night of last week, he was shot in the face. He is still alive but fighting to recover. He may loose his left eye and never speak again. 

Levi has a long road ahead filled with several facial reconstructive surgeries over next few weeks and maybe even months. 

He could possibly eve loose most of thr tissue in his lips. 

He is currently in the ICU in Columbia, MO. He is in pain and suffering big, infection and rotting tissue have set in. His second surgery will be Friday. Their plan is to go in and clean the tissue and do some more work to fix his face. The damage is extensive but we are so thankful he pulled through and we still have him. 

He is the father of 3 beautiful and intelligent children. 

Keep fighting Uncle VI, we are all waiting for you to come home. I have faith I will be able to hear your voice again. 

I ask everyone who reads this to please keep him in your prayers and reblog and share as well. 

Thank you for visiting Levi’s go fund me page!